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Chaffey High School
(909) 988-5560
7:30-4:00 M-F

Administration Office

Chaffey High School Administration


Mrs. Christina Martinez
Fred Velasquez, Principal's Secretary
Mr. Lauran Hood
Assistant Principal of Instruction
Michelle Digon, Instruction Secretary
Mr. Rick Gundrum
Assistant Principal of Achievement Office
Luz Magana, Achievement Secretary
Mr. Colby Helper
Assistant Principal of Educational Services
Marie Salas, Educational Services Secretary
Ms. Elizabeth Skiles
Assistant Principal of Discipline
Priscilla Medina, Discipline Secretary
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Michelle Digon ex: 2023 Instruction Secretary
Rick Gundrum ex: 2024 Assistant Principal of Achievement
Colby Helper ex: 2026 Assistant Principal of Ed Services
Lauran Hood ex: 2022 Assistant Principal, Instruction
Luz Magana ex: 2025 Achievement Secretary
Christina Martinez ex: 2020 Principal
Priscilla Medina ex: 2031 Discipline Secretary
Marie Salas ex: 2027 Ed Services Secretary
Elizabeth Skiles ex: 2030 Assistant Principal of Discipline
Fred Velasquez ex: 2021 Principal's Secretary