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Graduation Requirements

Chaffey Joint Union High School District Graduation Requirements


English 40 semester credits
Mathematics 20 semester credits including coursework in Algebra & Geometry*
Science 20 semester credits
Social Studies 30 semester credits - 10 World History & Culture, 10 U.S. History, 5 Government, and 5 Economics
Physical Education 20 semester credits - 10 ninth grade, 10 tenth grade**
Computer Studies 5 semester credits or pass competency exam
Fine Arts/Foreign Language 10 semester credits in either Fine Arts or Foreign Language***
Focus Area Requirements

20 additional semester credits in a specific area of focus: These areas include:


1. Fine Arts***
2. Business Education
3. Home Economics
4. Industrial Technology
6. Foreign Language
7. Academic/College - 20 additional credits in core academic areas that enable a student to meet the course entrance requirements of the UC and CSU.

  • Students may use ROP courses to satisfy 20 credit requirements if the course work falls within one of the above focus area categories or an approved career pathway.
  • Work Experience courses up to 10 credits may count toward the focus area requirement if they fall within a focus area and the objective of gaining advanced knowledge in focus area.


Electives 65 or 70 semester credits (depending on computer class requirement)


*Students will continue taking mathematics courses until they complete both Algebra I and Geometry or their equivalent (Int Math I or Int Math II). For students who are unable to advance through Geometry during the course of four years in high school, they may take a course in their senior year that covers topics in Algebra and Geometry in a selective or integrated fashion. This course may apply to the 20 credits of Math required.

**Recommended to be taken in the ninth and tenth grades. Exceptions will be considered on an individual basis.

***Fine Arts include all classes in the visual and performing arts (refer to pages 11-17 for coursework).

Students must take and pass a course or a skills-based examination to demonstrate technical competence.