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Credit Recovery

Course Description

This course allow students to retake a course to receive original credit in order to graduate high school.  In addition, students can remediate a course to improve a grade to meet their A-G requirements for College and/or University admissions.  The APEX learning system uses a digital curriculum to personalize learning, actionable data to inform instruction, and success management combine to ensure you are learning.


You are assigned courses based on your counselor’s request. However, you will also need to be an advocate for yourself and make sure you are taking the correct courses you need to graduate or remediate. You must complete a minimum of two courses in one semester to stay enrolled in the class.

Attendance and Participation

Daily participation is an essential part of the student’s grade and an important element in the success for all students in this class.  Students are expected to be in class on a daily basis and on time to class.  Students are expected to do at least 10 hours a week of work on the APEX learning system (5 hours of in class work and 5 hours outside of class work).   Non-participation, tardiness (See Student Agenda), absences, truancy, suspensions, and not following class rules will reflect negatively on the student’s grade and can result in being removed from the class.

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Classroom Expectations
  • Attendance
    • All students are expected to be in class and on time on a daily basis.
    • To avoid a tardy, the student must be in their assigned seat when the bell rings.
  • Food and Drink
    • Eating, drinking, or gum chewing is not allowed in the computer lab at any time.
    • All food and drinks must be placed in student’s bags and out of sight.  This includes water.
  • Dress Code
    • School dress code is strictly enforced.  See student agenda for details.
    • Hats must be Chaffey Approved and off of the head before the student enters the classroom.
    • Hoods are to be off of the head and ears before the student enters the classroom.
  • Electronic Device Use
    • CJUHSD Electronic Use Policy will be in effect.
    • All electronic devices are to be turned off, not on silent, and placed in a bag before the student enters the classroom.  Devices will not be allowed on your person.
    • Students will be alerted by the instructor if their device may be used during a specific assignment to access the school WIFI network for class-related instructional purposes.
    • Violation will result in confiscation and the device turned in to the office of the Assistant Principal of Student Relations.
  • Computer Use
    • Personal Headphones may be used when working on computers and must be plugged into the computer.
    • Students will refrain from plugging anything else into the computers or outlets without the instructor’s permission.
    • Students will refrain from going onto the Internet without the instructor’s permission.
    • Students will refrain from using other computer programs without the instructor’s permission.
    • Students will refrain from logging onto email (personal or otherwise), sending, receiving, or viewing email without the instructor’s permission.
  • Student Workstations
    • Students are responsible for keeping their workstations nice and neat, free from graffiti, and properly packed up at the end of the class period.
    • Any student causing damage to any component of a computer workstation or vandalism of any sort will be removed from the class immediately and permanently.
    • If a student discovers something wrong with their computer workstation, they need to notify the instructor immediately or they may be held responsible.
  • Passes
    • The instructor will not issue a pass the first and last 10 minutes of the period
    • The instructor will only accept passes from other school personnel on official forms (Official Hall Pass, Academy Pass, Call Slip, or Agenda).  No handwritten passes will be accepted.
    • Student my use the restroom using the Restroom Pass.  Only one student out of class at a time.
  • Communication
    • Students will use Professional Language when addressing fellow students and the instructor.
    • Students will write proper Formal Emails when contacting the instructor.  Go to: to help you write a Formal Email.
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Important Dates

First Quarter Ends

October 4

Semester Ends

December 19

No School

September 2 - Labot Day

October 14 - Floating Holiday

November 11 - Veterans' Day

Progress Report Grading Period Ends

September 6

November 8

Final Exams

Tuesday, December 17 (Periods 1 and 2)

Wednesday, December 18 (Periods 4 and 5)

Thursday, December  19 (Periods 6 and 7)

What can you do as a parent or guardian?

1.  Ensure your student attends all classes daily.

2.  Call the office to check on your student's attendance and progress.

3.  Use School Loop to stay in constant communication with all your student's teachers.

4.  Require your student to complete a daily agenda of class work and homework.

5.  Ask your student to see their completed work. Don't just ask them if they did their homework, ask them to see it.

6.  Talk to your students about the books they are reading for school. They are required to read for at least 15 minutes or more for many of their classes.