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Silva's Parent Packet & Calendar

IEP Meeting - Teacher Questions


  • What are the student's strengths?
  • Where is the student functioning within the context of the general education curriculum?
  • How is the student faring with the general education state and/or local assessments?
  • What kind of goals and benchmarks do I have for this student?
  • What progress has this student made?
  • What can I do to help this student's performance to improve?
  • Is the student receiving the appropriate and necessary accommodations and modifications?
  • How can the family reinforce what this student is learning at school?
  • Do we need assistance from other persons or agencies?
  • How can we address any behavior issues the student may have?

John Silva


Chaffey - Cougar Relays [2019]


Chaffey - Senior Disneyland Trip [2019]


Chaffey - Punchbowl [2018]


Chaffey - Annie [2018]


Chaffey - Cougar Relays [2018]


Chaffey - Disneyland Senior Trip [2018]


Chaffey - Punch Bowl [2017]


Chaffey - Cougar Relays [2017]


Chaffey - Wizard of Oz [2017]


Chaffey - Frozen [2015]


Chaffey - Into the Woods [2015]


Chaffey - Punchbowl [2016]


Chaffey - Pocahontas [2014]


Chaffey - Punchbowl [2013]



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State and County Resources

California Dept of Education

California Services for Technical Assistance and Training (CalSTAT)

Inland Regional Center

Department of Behavioral Health

Department of Rehabilitation

National and Federal Resources

The National Education Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities (NICHCY)

Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)

IDEA- Building the Legacy of IDEA 2004

Circle of Inclusion

What Works Clearing House


Web Information

Office of Specal Education and Rehabilitation Services

Special Education Resources on the Internet (SERI)

Web News 

Special Needs Articles

Special Olympics 

Attention Deficit Disorder Association

National Center for Learning Disabilities

American Speech / Language Association 

Autism Society 

Family Discussion Before IEP Meeting

  • What does my child do well?
  • What does my child struggle with?
  • What are my long-range goals for my son or daughter?
  • What skills would increase the independence of my son or daughter?
  • What goals would strengthen us as a family?
  • Are there transportation or mobility issues?
  • What do I want the school to do for my child?
  • What particular things do I want the school to report to me about?
  • What should I know to be able to support my child's progress at school and at home?
  • How and when are good times for the school to contact me when this is necessary?
  • What if there is an emergency or crisis?
  • How can I communicate with the school? Should I send notes? Who and when should I call?
  • What information should I give to the school on an ongoing basis?