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Parents MAKE SURE to look at your student's Assignment Sheet EVERY Day.

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12 Ways to be successful in 2012


1.       Attend school every day and be on time to all classes

2.       Each day make sure you are prepared for class by having necessary textbook (if required), binder, notepaper, pens, and pencils.

3.       Copy down all assignments (finished or not), school activities, and family activities in to the school agenda

4.       Make plans to attend tutoring in the library from 3-5 pm in the library (it's free) Mon thru Thurs

5.       Go over your notes from earlier in the day for each core class at least 20 min every night whether you have homework in that class or not and have somebody ask you questions about them. Write your own questions from the notes, ones you think the teacher will ask on the test. Write questions you need to ask your teacher for the next day to clarify any information you didn't understand.

6.       Practice writing 3 paragraph essays at least 1 time a week (Pick a topic of your own-A topic from the news is a great way to start) have your English teacher give you feed back and maybe they will award you some extra credit points!!

7.       READ, READ, READ! (Textbooks, Internet, Magazines, Books, Newspaper, etc.)

8.       Go over the example problem(s) from your math class and do them again without looking at the work or the answer until you finish on your own.

9.       In every class you have a collaborator MAKE THEM WORK FOR YOU!  Don’t be embarrassed or shy about getting help to pass. (it could make the difference between  graduating or not graduating)

10.    PARENTS check your child’s work; make sure it is neat and complete.  They should have several assignments every day. If they tell you that they completed it at school make them show you the assignment. Demand to see their CHS Agenda every day.  Making a point of checking your child’s work goes a long way and let’s them know you care and it is a priority.

11.     Make sure you are enrolled on School Loop so you can check your student's progress every day as well as their attendance.

12. Finally, what effort you put into a class is what you get out of it!

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