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David Savage

Current Assignments

Physical Education Syllabus, Rules and Regulations


Course Description: The program includes a background of movement efficiency skills and vigorous daily exercise for the maintenance of physical fitness and health. It is designed to meet the requirements of the state framework and the PDCA eight step process. The program will include activities in the following content areas: aquatics, effect of physical activity on dynamic health, individual and dual sports, mechanics of body movement and team sports.


Expectations: (All students are expected to follow these basic class guidelines).

*Students will be in the locker room prior to the tardy bell and at roll call in order, prior to the teacher 's arrival.

*Students will dress out in proper clothing and participate every day.

*Students will respect the rights, property, and privacy of others.

*Students will behave politely and respectfully toward everyone at all times.

*Students will not use profane or vulgar behavior/language, or violent/intimidating behavior.

*Students will not wear any jewelry.

*Students will not leave the class area without permission.

*Students will follow all directions without talking back or questioning authority.


Recommended Uniform:  Physical Education students are expected to be responsible for obtaining and bringing their own PE uniforms, socks, and running/athletic shoes. The uniform needs to be in school colors: Orange, black, whites or grey. Students who are not dressed appropriately will have consequences. Non-suits in PE will lower your grade and parents will be contacted. Repeat non-dressers will be referred to either their counselor or the Dean of Discipline. For your convenience, you may purchase at our cost, the Chaffey PE Black Shorts $10.00 and/or Chaffey PE Gray Shirt $10.00 up to size XL. The XXL and XXXL sizes are also available for an additional cost. A Chaffey Combination Lock ($6.00) can only be used in the locker rooms. All can be purchased from the Chaffey High School student store.  No checks are accepted, cash only! If there is a financial problem in regards to having your PE clothes please let your PE teacher know a head of time. We will try to help with the situation. A swimsuit and towel are also required for the aquatics unit. As the weather gets colder grey or black sweats can be worn. Don’t Be Lazy: Any sweats pulled over regular clothes will result in a double non-suit and student will be required to go and change into appropriate P.E. clothes. Remember, non-suits can not be made up after school. Only extra credit points will take off non-suits. No sagging of the shorts. Laced or Velcro running/athletic shoes only! Combat boots, sandals, flip flops, or slip-ons (Vans) are not allowed. Students are required to dress in the locker rooms in their assigned lockers. Failure to comply with this will result in disciplinary action.


Loaners:  Students forgetting their P.E. clothes can get loaner clothes. They must present a current valid Chaffey I.D. card to receive clothes. Valid 4 times a semester. Students must return the loaners after the period to get their ID cards back. The loaner clothes are washed daily!


Jewelry: No jewelry is allowed in class. This includes:  rings, necklaces, bracelets (except for medical purposes), face piercings, any ear piercings including studs and / or stretching devices for safety reasons. You will not be allowed to put tape or cover them in any manner. Sun glasses are not permitted unless they are presciption glasses. Sports watches can be worn for timing purposes only.


Items that will be confiscated if seen in P.E. class: Non Chaffey hats, cell phones, ipod, headsets/ear buds, scooters, and skateboards.  If they are seen, they will be taken to the Deans office. You are responsible for locking you scooter, skateboard, or bike in the designated areas provided when you get to school. Do not bring them to class. Bottled water is allowed in class if needed. Please do not bring food or other beverages to class.


Medical:  Notes from home (must include student’s full name, period #, reason for excuse, date of excuse and parent signature) will excuse student for a maximum of 3 consecutive days if specified on the note. These days must be made up at ROAR (Saturday School) during the designated dates of the semester.. Any student needing to be excused longer than 3 days must have a signed doctor’s note. It is at the teacher’s discretion as to whether these excused days are to be made up. Notes will excuse student from participating but NOT from dressing out depending on the teacher.


Grading :  Daily participation, cooperation, and effort are key components of this class. It is extremely important that students are in class and properly suited for participation each day. A portion of the grade will also be based on a Conditioning grade. Students will be run/walking once a week on the dirt track for 30 minutes. 2.75 laps = 1 mile. A+= 9 laps, A= 8 laps, B= 7 laps, C= 6 laps, D= 5 laps. Students not making 5 laps will receive an F (minus 1 pt) for the day. There will be modifications for some students as seen fit by the teacher. Some students will be on a Pass/Fail grading system. Make-up laps can be done at ROAR.

Student's participation grade will go up one letter grade if Conditioning grade is an A+ or A. Student's participation grade will not be affected if Conditioning grade is a B or C. Student's participation grade will go down one letter grade if Conditioning grade is a D or F.


Quarter grades based on Participation : minus 1 pt for (non-suit, absent day, non-participation, or 2 tardies).         

 A= 0-2 minus pts, B= 3-4 minus pts, C= 5-7 minus pts, D= 8-9 minus pts, F= 10 or higher minus pts.

Semester grades based on Participation : minus 1 pt for (non-suit, absent day, non-participation, or 2 tardies).        

A= 0-4 minus pts, B= 6-9 minus pts, C= 10-15 minus pts, D= 16-19 minus pts, F= 20 or higher minus pts.


ROAR (Saturday School) Make-ups for PE: Students can sign up to come to ROAR on designated Saturdays to make-up absences, tardies, non-participations, and Conditioning laps. For every 1 hour at the PE ROAR class makes up 1 period of regular PE. Students must be dressed out in PE clothes prior to coming to the PE ROAR class as locker rooms will not be available.


Extra Credit: During the school year students will be given the opportunity to get extra credits for PE. These can be used to take off absences, tardies, non-suits, non-participations, and bonus Conditioning laps.  Your PE teacher will let you know when there are  opportunities. Examples: returning signed PE Syllabus forms, participating in the Annual Megan Savage Memorial 5K Run, helping with equipment, food drive, showing good sportsmanship, helping out a classmate, etc... 


Direct Defiance: refusing to dress in P.E. Uniform (non-suit), refusing to wear P.E. loaner clothes (non-suit), refusing to remove jewelry (non-participation), or refusing to follow teacher’s directions (defiance):


 1st refusal intervention         Student informed of department policy and penalty for non suits. (Verbal Warning) Documentation on                                                  SR (Student Referral) form.

 2nd refusal intervention        Teacher calls parents and informs them of department policy. Documentation on SR form.               3rd refusal intervention        Teacher request counselor to arrange meeting with parents. Documentation on SR form.

 4th refusal intervention        Teacher advises counselor of 4th defiance, requesting that student serve detention/ROAR.