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LCDR Martin A. Jones
LCDR Martin A. Jones

Martin Jones

For those cadets which did not yet receive a part of a uniform Please do not be concerned!

The Navy's JROTC program has actual US Navy clothing which is issued through the Navy Exchange center and the parts distribution warehouses in Newport, Rhode Island and Mechanicsburg, Pennyslvania, respectively.  


We compete for the same uniform articles and the same Physical Fitness gear that all US Navy ships, submarines, training centers, aircraft squadrons, Basic Training center, and other active duty Navy bases compete for.  


The difference is, they are higher in the chain of priority and they will receive these items before we do.  


We are putting together the uniform and physical fiotness clothing items and shoes which we did not have available Saturdsy, and are ordering them from Navy supply centers.  We anticipate they will arrive here at Chaffey by September.


Until they do, cadets without gthe proper uniform items are allowed to wear comfortable clothing similar to the Navy's clothing.  Black slacks or trousers, a khaki or gray or blue shirt, and regular Chaffey PT gear usually worm in PE classes.


For ceremonies, such as our Installation of Cadets this coming Friday, August 24 at 6:00 PM (cadets meet at 5 PM), if a cqadet does not have a complete uniform, they are encouraged to wear a nice pair of slacks or trousers, a nice shirt and tie and black shoes.


Those not having the gear because we did not have it available for them WILL NOT be marked down in their grade unless they are absent.  We will get all this worked out.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.  We will continue to work hard on your and your cadet's behalf.  Thank you for your continued support!


Lieutenant Commander Jones


This coming Saturday, August 25, we will be attending the Poseidon Adventure in Long Beach.  I have attached some of the photos from last year and a few from the years before so you can have a glimpse of what we do there.  


Cadets which wanted to attend but could not because there was not enough room, please tell me.  there is another wqter competition in San Diego coming up in September, and if we have enough cadets intereted in this we will plan on going.