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Mr. Clayton Locker

Mr. Clayton

Course Syllabus

Course Description: The program includes a background of movement efficiency skills and vigorous daily exercise for the maintenance of physical fitness and health. It is designed to meet the requirements of the state framework.

Chaffey Joint Union High School District Uniform Policy:  Physical Education students are responsible for bringing their own PE uniform, socks, tennis shoes and a combination lock. The uniform needs to be in school colors, black, orange, white or ash gray with no designs or lettering on them. 


Loaners: Students forgetting their P.E. clothes are able to get loaner clothes. They must possess a current, valid Chaffey I.D. Card in order to receive clothes. The card is valid 4 times a semester. 

Jewelry: No jewelry of any kind is allowed during class. This includes but is not limited to: rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, face piercings and any ear piercings including studs.

Medical: Notes from home, the note will excuse a student for a maximum of three days if specified on the note. The days must be made up after or before school on make-up days. Any student needing to be excused longer than three (3) days must have a signed doctor's note. It is at the teacher's discretion as to whether these excused days are to be made up. The note will excuse the student from participating but NOT from dressing out.

Grading Policy:

Participation 60%

Fitness 40%

Participation: 5 points deducted for each non suit or non participation and absences.

All missed days must be made up. Make ups are Friday morning on track or ROAR.


Grade scale: 100pts

A+ 100pts

A = 99-90pts

B = 89-80pts

C = 79-70pts

D = 69-60pts

F = 59-0pts


Fitness: Students are graded on the five components of physical fitness.


Direct Defiance: refusing to dress in proper P.E. uniform (non-suit), refusing to wear or obtain loaner clothes (non-suit), refusing to remove jewelry or piercings (non-participation), or refusing to follow the teacher's directions (defiance).


1st Refusal Intervention:  Student is informed of department policy and penalty for non-suits. (Verbal Warning) This is actually the second or in some      cases the third warning because the teacher has gone over the rules and regulations in class and the counselors have given the P.E. students a seminar on the rules and regulation also.


2nd Refusal Intervention: Teacher or counselor calls parents and informs them of department policy. Written documentation will be done on a NOUP form.


3rd Refusal Intervention: Teacher requests the counselor to arrange a meeting with the parent or legal guardian. Contract is signed stating, "one more non-suit or defiant issue will result in the student MAY in the student losing the class."


4th Refusal Intervention: Teacher advises the counselor or the 4th defiance, requesting that the student be dropped from the class. If dropped, NO credit will be received.