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To access my course pages, go to my personal web site .  There you can see assignments, you can link to PDF files for worksheets, exam solutions, and other resources that I have written, and you can check on current grades.  These pages are updated frequently during the week. 

Tom James Locker
4/15/15 8:31 PM

Tom James

Welcome to Mr. James' School Loop Pages

Whether you are one of my students or a parent, welcome to my School Loop page.  In addition to what you will find here on School Loop, I have authored web pages for my students and their parents since 1998.  These pages are still the primary resource supporting the classes that I teach in which you can find current and future assignments, syllabii, parent resources, links to resources of interest both on my site and off my site.  You can also access links to PDF files of worksheets, reviews, exam solutions, and explorations that I have written, view historical information regarding my AP Calculus classes and my Astronomy classes if they are being offered, and read a little bit about me and my background.  This is the fifth year that I am using the School Loop gradebook program.  I hope that this effort will provide valuable and timely information for you so that the most effective decisions are made leading to the best educational outcomes.  Peace to you and thanks for visiting.

What is the School? by Lee E. Yunker

Who is the Pupil?   A child of God, not a tool of the state.

What is the Teacher?   A guide, not a guard.

What is the Faculty?   A community of scholars, not a union of mechanics.

What is a Principal?    A master of teaching, not a master of teachers.

What is Learning?     A journey, not a destination.

What is Discovery?   Questioning the answers, not answering the questions.

What is the Process?   Discovering the ideas, not covering the content.

What is the Goal?   Opened minds, not closed issues.

What is the Test?   Being and becoming, not remembering and reviewing.

What is the School?   Whatever we choose to make it. 

Go Bears!
Go Bears!

Go Bears!

This image was taken in Berkeley on a beautiful September 2008 afternoon prior to the Cal Bears hosting the Michigan State Spartans.  Cal won that one 38-31. The fluffy creature next to me is Oski, the Golden Bear mascot.  [I confess that I did not obtain parental permission to display her/his/its image, but then nobody outside of the UC Rally Committee knows who she/he/it is/was anyway.  I may or may not have copyright privileges to the photograph since my daughter agreed to take the picture with my camera.]