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Chaffey High School

1245 N. Euclid Ave.

Ontario, CA 91762

(909) 988 - 5560 ext. 2391 


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      Ellen Tremblay


      Hello students, parents, and guardians!


      My name is Ellen Tremblay and I teach Newcomer ELD Reading and ELD level 1. I have been at Chaffey High School for 10 years, but have been teaching overall for 20 years.


      I have a B.A. in Liberal studies, a bilingual (Spanish) multiple subject credential, a reading specialist credential, and a master's degree (MEd) in reading.


      My goal is for all students to be successful. I want to help students pass their classes, work toward high school graduation, and enroll in college. I want for all students to be college and career ready.

      Chaffey Alma Mater


      To Chaffey's glowing colors

      We owe allegiance true

      And forever we will cherish

      our banner's glorious hue

      So we'll hail our radiant colors

      No honor shall they lack

      While Chaffey stands defender

      of the orange and the black!

      Pledge of Allegiance
      United States

      I pledge allegiance to the flag

      of the United States of America

      and to the republic for which it stands

      one nation, under God, indivisible

      with liberty and justice for all.


      C - High!

      You know!