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Coach Killer's Locker Room
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PITTSBURGH vs. WASHINGTON 1937 rose bowl


Glenn Killingsworth

conditioning block in p.e. for the next four weeks...we are the kids from killer's class, we love to run our P.E. laps...Dirty socks and smelly feet, Killer's class is really neat...exercise from dusk till dawn, Killer's class is fun, fun, fun...other classes, think they 're the bomb, but killer's class is number one!!!

Chaffey High School Physical Education Syllabus, Rules and Regulations

Course Description: The program includes a background of movement efficiency skills and vigorous daily exercise for the maintenance of physical fitness and health. It is designed to meet the requirements of the state framework and the PDCA eight step process. The program will include activities in the following content areas: aquatics, effect of physical activity on dynamic health, individual and dual sports, mechanics of body movement and team sports.

Chaffey Joint Union High School District Uniform Policy:  Physical Education students are responsible for bringing their own PE uniform, socks, tennis shoes and a combination lock. The uniform needs to be in school colors, black, orange, white or ash gray with no designs or lettering on them. Students who are not dressed appropriately will have consequences. Repeat non-dressers will be referred to either their counselor or the appropriate administrator. Non-suits are dress code violations and parents will be contacted.  For your convenience, you may purchase (at out cost) the appropriate PE uniform and combination lock. As the weather gets colder, sweats may be worn that are aligned with the Chaffey Joint Union High School District's dress code standards. Sweats pulled over regular clothes are not permitted. Students are to wear laced or Velcro tennis shoes, no slip on tennis shoes are permitted. Non-suits may be made up in accordance with the teacher's make up policy. Students forgetting their clothes must borrow loaner clothes. If a student needs assistance in regards to PE uniforms, please contact your physical education teacher or your counselor.

Loaners: Students forgetting their P.E. clothes are able to get loaner clothes. They must possess a curent, valid Chaffey I.D. Card in order to receive clothes. No I.D. = no clothes. The card is valid 4 times a semester.  Loaner clothes are to be returned at the conclusion of the period and are washed daily after each use by our locker room attendants. I.D. cards were given to your son/daughter at the beginning of the semester they should have them on their person at all times while on campus.

Jewelry: No jewelry of any kind is allowed during class. Your son/daughter may be a fashion statement before or after class but not during P.E.  This includes but is not limited to: rings, necklaces, bracelets, (except for medical purposes), face piercings, any ear piercings including studs and/or stretching devices for safety reasons. You will not be alowed to put tape or cover them in any manner whatsoever. Abnormal, spiked hair will also not be permitted. Sun glasses are not permitted unless they are prescription glasses accompanied by a note from your doctor. Mom and dad notes will not count.

Items that will be confiscated if seen in P.E. Class: Non-Chaffey hats, cell phones, Kendall type reading devices, I-pod w/headset wires (if headset wires are seen, they will be taken), scooters and skateboards. If you ride to school, lock your transportation inside of the bicycle rack area.You are responsible for your own locking device. If there is a second offense the scooter, skateboard hat or electronic device will be taken and stored in the Dean of Discipline's Office and will only be released to your parents or leagal guardians. Beverage bottles and food are also not permitted in class.

Medical: Notes from home (they must include the student's full name, period #, reason for the excuse, date of the excuse and parent or legal guardian's signiture). The note will excuse a student for a maximum of three days if specified on the note. The days must be made up after or before school on make-up days. Any student needing to be excused longer than three (3) days must have a signed doctor's note. It is at the teacher's discrection as to whether these excused days are to be made up. The note will excuse the student from participating but NOT from dressing out.

Turf Football Field and Tartan Track: Absolutely no gum, seeds, or beverage of any kind is permitted on the field. Failure to comply will result in it affecting your grade.


Student's Responsibilities:

1. Know your roll call number. Be in your seat when roll is called or be on your roll call number, dressed properly by the seven minute bell.

2. If you are not on your roll call number or do not answer after having your name called twice, you will be marked absent. If you are tardy or come in late with a pass,  it is YOUR responsibility to inform the teacher. If you do not check in properly, you will be marked absent, truant or tardy.

3. Be dressed correctly.

4. Participate properly.

5. Practice sportsmanship, respect, teamwork and safety.


Grading Policy:

 a student's grade will be based on the following areas:


Exercise Physiology, Personal Development, Health


Historical Perspective, Rules, Concepts, Drug/Tobacco/Health Awareness


Biomechanics, Movement Knowledge, Motor Learning


Support, Participation, Organization, Respect, Teamwork


Writing Across the curriculum where applicable


Quarter grades based on participation (80%): minus 1 point for any non-suit, absent day, non-participation, or two tardies

"A"-0-2 minus points, "B"=3-4 minus points, "C"=5-7 minus points, "D"=8-9 minus points, "F"=10 or higher minus points

Semester grades based on participation (80%): minus 1 point for non-suit, absent day, non-participation, or 2 tardies

"A"=0-4 minus points, "B"=6-9 minus points, "C"=10-15 minus points, "D"=18-19 minus points, "F"=20 or higher minus points

Direct Defiance: refusing to dress in proper P.E. uniform (non-suit), refusing to wear or obtain loaner clothes (non-suit), refusing to remove jewelry or piercings (non-participation), or refusing to follow the teacher's directions (defiance).

1st Refusal Intervention:  Student is informed of department policy and penalty for non-suits. (Verbal Warning) This is actually the second or in some      cases the third warning because the teacher has gone over the rules and regulations in class and the counselors have given the P.E. students a seminar on the rules and regulation also.

2nd Refusal Intervention: Teacher or counselor calls parents and informs them of department policy. Written documentation will be done on a NOUP form.

3rd Refusal Intervention: Teacher requests the counselor to arrange a meeting with the parent or legal guardian. Contract is signed stating, "one more non-suit or defiant issue will result in the student MAY in the student losing the class."

4th Refusal Intervention: Teacher advises the counselor or the 4th defiance, requesting that the student be dropped from the class. If dropped,  NO credit will be received.

Your Chaffey Tiger Physical Education Staff: The entire Physical Education Staff is fully certified and accredited in CPR and First Aid training. In addition, they are water certified by the American Red Cross and have current WSI (Water Safety Instruction) cards.

Here’s what the Chaffey PE experience shares:

1. Teachers are qualified, enthusiastic, prepared and is certificated in first aid, CPR and is a WSI (certified water swimming instructor).

2. Lessons are well-planned, incorporate a wide range of activities, and meet diversified curriculum learning outcomes.

3. Chaffey teachers use a variety of assessment and evaluation strategies.

4. There is an emphasis on student learning, personal success, fair play, and personal health.

5. Activities are appropriate to grade level and stage of development for each student as mandated by the state of California.

6. Hopefully, students look forward to physical education class.

7. California State physical education guidelines are followed.

8. Chaffey High School is fulfilling the minimum time mandated by the state of Caalifornia for physical education.

9. There are opportunities to be physically active beyond the physical education time (intramurals, extra-curricular, and school wide initiatives such as daily physical education activities).

10. There are opportunities for student leadership development.

11. The school has the facilities, equipment and teaching support to provide a quality physical education program.


Norman Rockwell - Saturday Evening Post

SEATTLE and other destinations...


Husky Stadium

Go Huskies..Go Huskies..Go Huskies..


University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana

Coaching Legends


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"C" high monthly activities calendar


Joe Steele vs. Michigan in the 1978 Rose Bowl - Huskies 27 - Michigan 20


It's GREAT to be a future HUSKY!!!

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Huskies 27 - Michigan 20


Purple Reign Defense


Mighty are the men who wear the purple and the gold


Shibu - Inu

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Tournament of Roses





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