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C-High U Know!
C-High U Know!
Current Assignments

Adrienne Pankratz

Google Survey Geology

Course Description and Policies

Course Description: Science is an excellent preparatory course for your high school and college career. By investigating the complex networks of life we are led into laboratories to observe, hypothesize, experiment and analyze the inner workings of the world’s scientific processes. Throughout this semester, we will not merely be students in the classroom, but scientists in the laboratory and observers in the field as we try to make sense of the local occurrences that take place daily.


Assignments:Daily class and homework assignments, weekly quizzes, daily journal entries, lab reports, internet research summaries, and unit exams. **Homework is assigned 4-5 times per week!!!


Expected Rules and Behavior:

  1. Be on time and ready to learn from when the tardy bell rings until you are dismissed by the teacher.
  2. Come to class with all the materials you need, and have all the assignments and readings done prior to the start of class.
  3. Be respectful of the teacher, fellow classmates and yourself.
  4. No eating, drinking, or conducting of personal grooming during class time.
  5. Listen to all directions the first time—As we will be engaged in large amounts of group/lab work, it is imperative that you listen to directions the first time they are given.
  6. The use of electronic devices (cell phones, ipods, earbuds etc.) is strictly prohibited and will result in confiscation as it is stated in Chaffey Joint Unified School District’s rules and regulations.



  1. Conferences with teacher at teacher’s convenience.
  2. Detention
  3. Parent contact
    • 4 tardies will result in the loss of the class.
    • 3 Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance (NOUPs) may result in the loss of the class.
  4. Referral to office
  5. Class suspension
    • 2 class suspensions will result in the loss of the class



            I am asking that all students bring the following to class daily

  1. Composition Notebook (Will need 4 throughout the year)
  2. Pens and pencils (blue or black ink only)
  3. Color pencils
  4. Graph paper
  5. Scientific Calculator (recommended)
  6. Highlighter


Grading Policy:Attendance and responsibility are key factors to success. Your grade will be determined by your accumulated points and participation in the class. If you are absent, telephone a classmate to find out what you have missed. It is the student’s responsibility to see the teacher within 3 days of an absence to arrange a time when work can be made up. Late work will be accepted three days after the assigned date unless noted by the teacher.


Area                                                                             Percentage                                         

Test/Quizzes (summative assessments)                            40%                                                    

Labs/Projects  (summative)                                             40%                                                    

Classwork                                                                      20%                                              



Teacher Expectations:I expect this to be an informative and enjoyable experience for both the instructor and student alike. If you should find the need to contact me with any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at (909) 988-5560 ext. 2403.

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