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CTE Instructors

Allen Hennessey
Wood Design

Ashley Wolf
Architectural/Engineering Design

Bryant Walker
Computers, Careers & Finance
Web Design

David Strickland
Wood Design
Work Experience

Holly Adams

Jorge Garcia
Wood Design

Octavio Armas
Automotive Technology

Rick Brulte
Computers, Careers & Finance

Career Technical Education (CTE)

CJUHSD Career Readiness

CTE Pathways - Industry Sectors

Building & Construction Trades Engineering & Architecture Information & Support Services Manufacturing & Product Development Transportation
Cabinetmaking Architectural Engineering Design I Computers, Careers & Finance Welding I Automotive
Technology I
Wood Design I Architectural Engineering Design II Web Design II Welding II Advanced Automotive Technology (ROP)
Wood Design II Architectural Engineering Design III & IV Web Design III Welding III  
Wood Design III        


Architectural Engineering Design I

An introductory design course in which the students will express themselves visually, and be able to showcase their creativity. The creative process, from design to finished project, will be emphasized. Students will be introduced to architectural design principals using state of the art software. 3-D parametric modeling using SolidWorks will also be covered. This course meets the computer tech skills requirement as well as the fine arts requirement.

Architectural Engineering Design II

Students will continue exploring the field of architecture, construction and engineering. They will produce a set of working architectural and engineering drawings. They will study the history of architecture and construction, learn presentation techniques and develop a portfolio for college credit. SolidWorks CSWA certification is available for those that are ready for that challenge.

Architectural Engineering Design III & IV

This section provides opportunities for the technical engineer to acquire in-depth proficiency in the preparation and presentation of architectural and engineering drawings. Critical thinking, academic skills and CAD are integrated essential elements of instruction. A variety of projects, including the NAWIC Education Foundation contest, will be incorporated into the curriculum.

Information and Support Services

Mastery of information technologies is an essential part of successful businesses today. A high demand exists for individuals who have experience in information support services. Students in this pathway prepare for careers which involve the implementation of computer services and software, provision of technical assistance, creation of technical documentation and management of information systems.

Wood Design I

Introduces students to the safe use of equipment and machinery used industry wide, in the construction of wood furniture and cabinetry. This course also meets A-G requirements.

Wood Design II / IV

These sections provide practice in planning and implementing the fabrication and assembly of wood furniture and cabinetry.

Cabinetmaking (ROP)

In this course, students will design, build, and install kitchen cabinetry in a local residence.

Welding I

This course introduces students to various welding techniques, with a focus on safe operation of shop equipment and industry standard welding equipment, with a focus on Shielded Metal Arc Welding. Leadership skills are introduced through Skills USA.

Welding II

In this course students will master Shielded Metal Arc Welding, in all welding positions. The reading of Blueprints and welding symbols is also taught. Students will experience training in a team-work environment.

Welding III

Students will learn Gas Metal Arc Welding in all positions, preparing students for welding certification. Welding activities conducted will be utilized for work experience training in a team-work environment. 

Auto Tech I

This course explores the fundamentals and repair of various automotive components and systems. Both theory and practical applications will be covered. This is a one year course available to grades 9-12. This course is a prerequisite for Advanced Auto course.

Advanced Auto (ROP)

Advanced Auto is a two hour per day class, in which students work in a classroom and shop environment, building on knowledge gained in the Auto I Course. Students will complete maintenance and light repair tasks, on assigned demonstration vehicles, as well as “Customers” vehicles, with the goal of 100% repair accuracy and customer satisfaction.