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Cum Laude Society

Chaffey High School Cum Laude Society


Beginning with the class of 2006 valedictorian and salutatorian honors will be replaced by the Cum Laude Society at Chaffey High School.  The Cum Laude Society recognizes those seniors who have maintained a 3.75 cumulative GPA through seven semesters of their high school program.   Members of the Society will have their names noted on the commencement program, will have Cum Laude printed on the diploma and the transcript, and will receive a special certificate at the annual Senior Awards Program.  The members will select a representative graduation speaker.


Criteria for Selection                           

The courses certified on the a-g list by the University of California as meeting entrance requirements will count toward membership in the Society.

A minimum of two courses as a freshmen and three courses each continuous semester thereafter to maintain membership.  The courses taken must be courses listed on the Cum Laude list of courses.

A minimum of 115 grade points is necessary to qualify for the Cum Laude Society.  Grade points will be awarded as follows:

          A  =  4

          B  =  3

          C  =  2

Courses taken at college will count toward membership in the Cum Laude Society.

Any grade of less than C (D or F) in any course will disqualify a student from membership if this student does not repeat that course for a higher grade.

Independent study courses will not be considered.

Courses taken during the summer must be designated Honors or College Prep.

Students must complete an application form at the beginning of the semester of senior year to become a member.  Application forms must be obtained from the counseling office and will be returned to the A.P. of Instruction.